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About Us

In 1967 Hexco, Inc. was started by Tom and Linda Tarrant, both of whom had been Systems Engineers for IBM.  Hexco began offering products for programmers on large main-frame computers. Our first product was a hand-held manual calculator that added and subtracted in hexadecimal, the numbering system used in computers, hence our name, Hexco, for "hexadecimal company." Since that time, we have produced a myriad of products for programmers and a series of movable labeling products used in computer environments.

In 1982, Hexco expanded into the academic world with Hexco Academic, offering products for students competing in spelling bees when the first daughter Valerie started competing. Since then, we have expanded our academic products to encompass study aids for students at all levels of competition, not only in spelling, but also in accounting, literary criticism, computer science, and computer applications. Our current expansion is in the home school market, since we already have a large number of home schoolers using our products in their curricula, beginning with spelling products and soon moving into computer application products centering on word processing, spreadsheet, and database applications.